Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Song Two - Epic Soundtracks - "Fade Away"

Recorded in Duisberg, Germany (for German TV) on 15th October 1997, with Kevin Junior on second acoustic guitar, a lovely version of one of the last songs Epic wrote. A version of this hitherto unreleased song will be included on "Wild Smile", an Epic Soundtracks 2CD retrospective due out Spring 2011 on Easy Action Records.


  1. Heyyyy, this is really wonderful! And the first I've heard of the Epic Soundtracks retrospective! I'm glad that Epic isn't being forgotten, his albums have always been precious to me. Any more info about Wild Smile out there?
    - Tyler,

  2. Tyler
    Wild Smile should be out late Spring, 2 CDs, one a best of and the other, which I've been involved in compiling, unreleased and rare, including a version of this song. Keep an eye on for more details.
    Thanks for your comment - yup, it is indeed wonderful.